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Бытовая Slushie MakerБытовая Slushie Maker
USD $ 17.00 - 17.00
>=1000 Часть
Cixi City Spring Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.
best selling plastic ice crusherbest selling plastic ice crusher
USD $ 2.00 - 2.00
>=2000 Часть
MI Industrial Co., Ltd.
About Ice Crushers & Shavers
Use the large-grain smoothies as bottom ice for seafood and the small-grain smoothies for making milkshakes. The shaving blade produces fine, healthy ice. The manual ice crushers shavers is also equipped with an ergonomic handle for labor-friendly operation. Plug the ice crusher machine into the socket, add some ice cubes, choose your settings, and you’re good to go. With an efficient motor, this ice crushers shavers designed for commercial use will produce a large amount of shaved ice per hour to meet your high demands. Get ready for fluffy ice. Search wholesale ice crushers shavers at Tradechina.com today and get favorable discounts. The waterproof OFF/ON switch is user-friendly even when touching the ice crushers shavers with wet hands. The appliance uses a 380W motor with a speed of up to 1500 RPM. Such power capacity lets you shave as much ice within the shortest time possible. Plus, its protective measures stop the blades whenever you lift the handle to add ice. You’ll love the iron cast base that remains stable during operation. No shaking, no wiggling - that’s why it’s the ideal ice shaving machine for you. Also, the rubber feet add stability and reduce noise and vibration when crushing and shaving ice. Browse ice crushers shavers from Tradechina.com now. Moreover, the bottom surface is covered with lattices that prevent ice from slipping or splashing. All its parts are BPA-free and built to last. Cleanup is also a breeze, thanks to the dishwasher-friendly parts. Alternatively, you can use warm water and some little dish soap to clean the electric ice shaver machine. When the cover is opened, the blade stops rotating and automatically turns off the power. Browse ice crushers shavers from Aibaba.com and choose your preferred ice grinder machine at wholesale prices today.
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